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History of Les Aliments

Bien-Être et Bon Goût

As soon as he had the idea of ​​embarking on the production of microgreens with Les Serres Bien-Etre et Bon Goût, Steve Vachon knew that one day he would embark on the transformation of these products in the longterm. Firstly, because he wanted to share his discoveries and demonstrate to consumers the versatility of microgreens and secondly because many of the foods concocted from these greens obviously keep longer than simply cut greens.

The young entrepreneur took a few years to find the ideal partners to set up this new project. Finally at the end of 2016, with the pressure of the demand of a large Quebec restaurant chain which would become the first client of this new business, Les Aliments Bien-Être et Bon Goût were born. The packaged microgreens are the first products to appear and, before the middle of 2017, a whole range of cooked products would be launched. It was the beginning of great things for both companies.

Our Mission

“The goal becomes mission”

– Steve Vachon, founder.

From the start, the idea behind the founding of our company was to grow plants that would bring well-being to our customers. The goal was clearly written in the name, Bien-Etre et Bon Goût (Well-Being and Good Taste).

Culinary flowers, mini-vegetables, medicinal plants … all of these were perhaps a little too avant-garde five years ago, but when we discovered microgreens a little over two years ago, this is where the ‘Bon Goût,’ came to take on its full meaning alongside well-being.

A baby lettuce version of a multitude of vegetables, fresher and tastier than ever and containing more nutrients than their adult versions – that’s what microgreens are! They contain 20% to 600% of the nutrients per serving than their adult counterparts. “Wow! I said to myself. “Easy to add to almost any meal, easy to cook, prepare, and grow?” I had to participate in popularizing this way of eating well!

Publicizing the benefits of eating microgreens became our mission. We have developed a range of microgreen products – from seeds to live greens, from packaged to cooked. The web capsules that we produce and occasionally publish on our YouTube channel (on subjects such as maintenance, cooking, and growing microgreens) are also part of this mission.

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