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Microgreens for all!

Les Serres Bien-Être et Bon Goût are not only producers of microgreens, but also ambassadors for the consumption of these super-nutrient-concentrated foods. We, therefore, encourage you to consume them alive, cut and packaged, or cultivate them yourself at home!

You can now get close to 50 varieties of microgreen seeds in 50g, 125g, 250g or 500g formats.All our seeds come from certified organic or Quebec suppliers. Free delivery for orders of $ 75 or more.

The current situation related to Covid-19 makes our supplies more difficult, but rest assured
that we do everything in our power to offer you the widest variety of products possible.


The Seeds

About Taxes…

The federal GST law and the provincial QST law require that certain sizes of seed bags or certain varieties be taxed.
In summary :

– Peas, beans and corn in a format of less than 5kg.
– The other species in format of less than 125 g.

This therefore obliges us to tax all 50g formats, as well as all peas, beans or corn.

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