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Learning is essential. Being able to combine business with pleasure is even better! Our mission: to simplify your life and contribute to your well-being and good taste! What are you waiting for to adopt the BEBG movement? Get your small tray of microgreens from one of our retailers!


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What are microgreens?

A microgreen is the result of seed germination. More precisely, it’s the baby-sized version of a grass, cereal or vegetable plant. It is said that a microgreen, depending on the variety, can contain 20% to 600% more nutrients than the mature vegetable of this same variety. It’s simple: it’s the adult vegetable before it increases its water content. So you could almost say that microgreens are vegetable concentrates.

It’s when it reaches between 2 and 15 cm (from 1 to 6 inches) – when it’s not yet mature, that it’s found to have the best taste and the highest concentration of nutrients. In addition, being cultivated in an organic and very rich soil, the greens feed on it and store a maximum of nutrients. Each of the varieties has its fresh, intense taste and has its own list of nutrients. Savor them !!!

Microgreens Today

In recent years, microgreens have grown in popularity with an increasing number of health-conscious people. These nutrient-rich plants are readily available and are being used more and more in restaurant kitchens as well as in homemade recipes of all kinds. New ways to incorporate them into meals are invented every day!

Find out more about the incredible benefits of these plants and improve your diet today!

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Why eat microgreens ?

The Taste

Isn’t that the best reason to eat something? Of course, sometimes we eat something because it is for our own good, despite the unpleasant taste or questionable texture. But not with microgreens; they’re tasty, savory, sweet, and spicy… depending on the variety! They also have the advantage of having even more flavor than their adult counterparts.

The Ease & Simplicity

Which brings us to the ease and simplicity that we all seek in our daily lives. Food is no exception. Unfortunately, with this quest for simplicity and ease, we often neglect our diet. However, with microgreens on soil that lives in our kitchen until we are ready to eat them, nothing could be simpler. Grab a pair of scissors and you have everything you need to enhance the taste of your soup or sandwich, and add nutrients to any recipe and meal.

The Nutrients

‘Nothing better than knowing that we nourishing our body, and that we taking care of ourselves when we put something in our mouths, right? Canada’s Food Guide and all nutritionists suggest that we increase our servings of vegetables. With microgreens, we multiply the nutritional values of those servings. We give ourselves more vitamins, more minerals, more trace elements, more antioxidants … in portions that are easy to integrate into our lives, which is often in acceleration mode.

The Diversity

Thanks to the varied batches of microgreens offered by Les Serres Bien-Être et Bon Goût, you can have a wide variety of baby vegetables and herbs to carry around. With wheatgrass for your smoothies, basil for your homemade pesto, arugula for your salads, and coriander for your Asian dishes, you will have everything you need to cook like the great chefs…without all the complications.

What is BEBG certification?

Quite simply that Les Serres Bien-Être et Bon Goût attest that we only use certified organic potting soil from Fafard (a Drummondville company), and certified organic and GMO-free seeds that come from Mumm’s (a Canadian company located in Saskatchewan).

BEBG microgreens are not treated in any way; no fertilizers, no chemicals, not even “organic”. Everything is in the soil, the seeds, and the love we put in it. We chose to be transparent rather than have a certification in order to offer you the same product that offers you well-being and good taste, all without charging you for a certification that we guarantee you anyway.

Do you have any doubts? Contact our suppliers or contact us directly so that we can prove our claims to you!

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