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Even if the wheatgrass and its microgreens have a sweet taste, they can help control weight, purify the blood, regulate cholesterol and reduce hypertension?

On the tip of the tongue (info on taste)

Wheatgrass has a light, sweet taste and its microgreens have these nth potency qualities. Although it is often used as a smoothie or in other fresh recipes where its taste is drowned, the fact remains that it has a unique taste which develops and which is often appreciated as one gets used to it.

What you will want to know

Wheatgrass and its use for health and healing are traced back to the time of Ancient Egypt. However, in the West, it was not until 1930 that wheatgrass really appeared. Charles Schnabel, a chemist, experimented with it and used it to cure poultry. He dried and pulverized the wheatgrass to make food supplements. Today, nutritionists agree that wheatgrass is on the short list of super foods. Several also attribute it anti-cancer properties. Like most plants, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll (which stimulates the production of hemoglobin which contributes to the circulation of oxygen in the blood and to the revitalization of the whole body), vitamins, minerals (including selenium, magnesium and zinc), amino acids and enzymes. Wheatgrass grows quickly and integrates easily into your juices, smoothies, salads. Wheatgrass microgreens and even their juice can be frozen, but it’s best to consume it fresh to get all of its nutrients.

Keep the microgreens on slightly moist soil. Eat them or put the trays in the fridge when they reach 15 to 20 cm. The cold will slow growth until you eat it.

Wheatgrass microgreens grow rapidly. When they reach 15 to 20 centimeters, you will want to eat them, cut them and keep them in the fridge in plastic bags for two or three days, or the whole tray in a cool place.

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