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Did you know that…

Kale is considered a superfood and can go a long way in improving your health while protecting you from possible diseases and conditions when you incorporate it into your diet?

Nutritional value
Vitamins A and C
Calcium, iron, manganese and fiber
Antioxidants and anti-cancer properties

On the tip of the tongue (info on taste)

Kale has a taste similar to that of Brussels sprouts, but much milder. When eaten cooked, it is best to blanch it, which lessens its bitterness, but also decreases its vitamin intake. This is one of the reasons why we often prefer to eat it raw. Kale microgreens are less bitter than the adult vegetable and contain a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals. Win-win!

What you will want to know

Kale is a vegetable that comes in the form of branches when it reaches adulthood. Like the majority of crucifers (brassicaceae, the cabbage family), it contains few calories, but a lot of fiber and vitamins. Turnips, rapeseed and watercress are in the same family. Among the nutrients with which it overflows, we note calcium, iron and manganese. In vitamins, we should mention A and C in particular. It also contains vitamin B and vitamin K. Kale has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly because nutritionists recognize its anti-cancer properties and antioxidants in large quantities. It is also attributed with depurative, energizing and aperitive properties. That’s why we don’t hesitate to say that it’s a superfood. As with all microgreens, the benefits of kale are multiplied when compared to their adult version. By incorporating kale microgreens into our smoothies or salads, we multiply the good we do for our health.

Keep the microgreens on slightly moist soil. Eat them or put them in the tray in the fridge when they are more or less 10 cm. The cold will slow growth until you eat it.

Kale microgreens should be refrigerated or consumed when they reach around 10 centimeters. You can then cut them and keep them in the fridge in plastic bags for two or three days, but it can be stored even longer if you put the whole tray in the refrigerator.

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